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Need to comply with client or insurance requirements?

We get it: you don't want IT to get in the way and just want to close the deal.
ThreeShield's process will quickly check all the boxes — and make business smoother too!

Tech-savvy without time?

We'll free up your time and fill in the gaps while respecting your good work.
ThreeShield fills in the gaps with respected frameworks to bring you to the next level.

Start-up and need IT?

We can secure what you've already set up and take care of everything from policies and training to email, laptops, security cameras, and credit card machines — with proper compliance too!

We know how hard you have worked to build your business. You've had to make hard choices and balance priorities all along the way. You know the importance of locking your front door, but many business owners don't know how exposed their websites and customers' data are. To make matters worse, IT is often a moving target with constantly shifting goalposts. You must have an expert looking for the bad guys trying to make a quick buck off your hard work. We have experience with highly regulated industries, from healthcare, accounting, PCI, and fintech to oil and gas and NERC.

Why Managed IT Services Are Essential for Your Calgary Business

Let's cut to the chase—times are changing, and so is the way we do business. Calgary businesses, big or small, are finding themselves in a digital tangle. Whether it’s battling data breaches or managing an ever-expanding network, the IT battlefield is no place for the faint-hearted. When you partner with an experienced Manage Service Provider with a focus on complex cyber security, you become a data hero. Our team will equip you with the latest tools and protections so you can focus on what you do best—running your business like the boss you are.

Unpacking the Definition of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, what’s that all about, you ask? It’s like having your very own IT superhero team on speed dial. These tech savants take charge of your network, cloud migration, and IT consulting needs, leaving no stone unturned. They're the ones making sure your digital backbone is steady. Plus, they do all this while you get to zero in on steering your Calgary business toward the northern lights of success.

Understanding the Importance of Asset Management

Asset management in the IT world isn't about hoarding gold coins like a dragon; it's about keeping your tech treasures organized and up-to-date. Working with ThreeShield keeps you protected and helps you grow your business by leveraging your tools and boosting productivity, always with security at the top of your mind. 

Embracing the Security of Cloud Storage and Hosting

Cloud storage isn’t just a fancy buzzword—it’s your digital Fort Knox in the sky. Embracing secure cloud storage and hosting is like moving your data into a high-security condo with a view. It’s all about keeping your most precious digital assets safe, snug, and accessible rain, shine, or internet outage. In addition to keeping your data safe, new regulations and procedures are constantly required to keep these systems functioning. Having a team professionally manage your storage needs gives you the freedom to scale up or down no matter how your business changes. 

Ensuring Business Continuity through Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

Backup and disaster recovery planning is your business's survival kit. It's about being ready to bounce back faster than you can say "data loss," ensuring the heart of your business keeps beating no matter what. This strategy ensures that even if disaster strikes, your business will keep running smoothly.

Strengthening Your Defenses with Annual Security Reviews

In the digital arena, strengthening your defences with annual security reviews is akin to checking your business's immune system. It’s about keeping your network security tight and the cyber threats out. Think of it as your annual digital checkup, ensuring your business’s online health is in tip-top shape. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Tailored IT Solutions for Diverse Calgary Markets

Calgary isn't just about rodeos and oil rigs; it's a melting pot of businesses with IT challenges. Customized IT solutions for this diverse market mean crafting a digital strategy as unique as your business. It’s about understanding whether you're building skyscrapers, doing taxes, providing medical exams, or brewing the best coffee, your IT needs are unique. That’s why ThreeShield creates solutions that are customized to your unique business.

The Comprehensive Managed Service Provider Calgary Experience

Some companies don't have an IT department, and we're here to help. The ThreeShield team can handle 100% of your IT support. Other companies already have an IT team but need additional expert support. If your business is attempting to keep up with the latest data residency requirements, PCI compliance, and NERC CIP compliance, our experts have you covered. We put our experience with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and virtual environments to work for your specific strategic goals.   

STEP ONE: Prioritizing Team Engagement

At ThreeShield, we understand that your company works best as a team. We make sure that everyone in your organization can be a data hero and take steps to protect your company. We keep your business operations at the forefront of our strategies when we design your customized plan to make sure your cybersecurity and compliance needs are being met from the beginning. 

STEP TWO: In-depth Discovery Phase

ThreeShield looks at all of the potential risks and compliance requirements that our clients face and then implements proven strategies to balance risk and business requirements efficiently with best-in-class solutions and committed internal security experts.

STEP THREE: Strategized Review, Analyze, and Present Approach

This step is where the rubber meets the road. Armed with insights from the discovery phase, a cohesive plan is crafted. It's a bit like mapping out a road trip, deciding the best routes, and what snacks to bring – except the snacks are tech solutions, and the destination is enhanced business performance. Presenting this strategy isn't just about showing off fancy tech; it's about painting a picture of a future where IT propels the business forward. ThreeShield has built custom tools to allow us to use an eclectic toolset in combination with an advanced strategic approach and preventive setting changes that standard MSP tools simply can’t do.

STEP FOUR: Seamless Onboarding Experience

The onboarding phase is like the first day of school—exciting yet a bit daunting. But here, they aim to make it feel more like a warm welcome than a cold plunge. This step is crucial for smoothing out any bumps, ensuring both hardware and software integrate seamlessly into the existing framework. It's not just about plugging things in; it's about ensuring everyone's on the same page, ready to hit the ground running.

STEP FIVE: Commitment to Ongoing Support and Improvement

Imagine never having to say goodbye—sounds nice, right? That’s the vibe this phase brings. With managed services, the relationship isn't a one-off; it's an ongoing commitment to improvement. It's about being there, rain or shine, ensuring businesses continue to thrive in a variety of industries. This commitment to excellence ensures that IT systems don't just stay up to date; they stay ahead of the curve, driving business growth continuously. Our remote monitoring team keeps on top of your IT needs even if you're out of the office. 

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Managed Service Provider in Calgary

Choosing a ThreeShield in Calgary isn't just about ticking boxes; it's about finding a partner who understands the essence of your business. With a variety of options available, ranging from audit preparation to ground-up code review, the right choice can propel a Calgary business to new heights of efficiency and security. Demonstrating expertise across various technologies and industries, Calgary's best MSPs bring more to the table than just IT support—they offer a partnership that aligns with core business visions, ensuring success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

What Makes Our IT Team Stand Out?

All our employees are Canadian with Canadian background checks and formal information security degrees, diplomas and certifications. We take training seriously and make sure our team is constantly developing their skills and professional expertise.

Our roots are in vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and DevSecOps. We apply security to everything we do. While most Managed IT Service Providers (MSP) say they do security, but only provide antivirus, backups, and maybe basic security scans, we incorporate cybersecurity into every decision and include thorough vulnerability assessments and penetration tests in our managed IT services.

Exploring the Core of Managed IT Services

At the heart of managed IT services lies a simple truth: It's all about keeping the lights on in today's digital office so you can focus on your core business. From the intricate web of network monitoring to the secure channels of Calgary businesses' online transactions, managed IT services are the unsung heroes. They ensure that technology, that ever-pulsing heartbeat of modern business, beats strongly and consistently, driving growth and guarding against the cyber threats that loom in the shadows.

Investment in Managed IT: Understanding the Costs

There are always business costs, and we will never claim to be the cheapest managed service provider. However, we do aim to keep our monthly costs low. The ThreeShield team takes the time to find out the customized needs of your specific organization. Considering the costs of an undetected breach could be catastrophic, investing in cybersecurity is investing in your business's future.  Think of it as paying for peace of mind, so you're not lying awake at night worrying about network security or data breaches. For Calgary businesses, it's about allocating resources smartly, understanding that a solid IT framework isn't an expense; it's an investment in future-proofing your operations. With the right provider, your investment scales with your business, ensuring you only pay for what you need when needed without breaking the bank.

The Tangible Benefits of Opting for Managed IT Services

Choosing managed IT services is like choosing to ride in a limousine instead of a bumper car. It's about smooth sailing through the IT landscape with a team that ensures your network is solid, your data is secure, and your Calgary business is primed for growth. The tangible benefits are palpable: increased productivity, fortified security, and the freedom to focus on what you do best. In an era where technology can be both a boon and a bane, leaning into managed IT services is not just smart; it's essential.

The Spectrum of Services Offered by Calgary’s Leading MSPs

Calgary's leading MSPs offer a kaleidoscope of services that cater to the unique needs of their clientele. From the bedrock of network security to the innovation of cloud solutions, these services are designed not just to support but to transform Calgary businesses. Whether it's through enhancing operational efficiency or fortifying cyber defences, Calgary's IT landscape is dotted with providers that offer comprehensive, strategic IT solutions. This broad spectrum of services ensures businesses can harness the power of technology to reach their full potential, all while focusing on their core operations.

Beyond Basic IT: Backup and Business Continuity

Despite how vital business data is, many businesses don't have an adequate backup system. Cities can be destroyed, and one wrong click in an email can instigate a breach. Being able to smoothly sail past any unforeseen challenges, even if you're away from the office, helps keep your business running smoothly no matter what life throws at you. 

A Closer Look at IT Road Mapping and Strategic Planning

Setting a course in the ever-changing world of IT requires more than just a map; it demands a master plan. That's where IT road mapping and strategic planning come into play, acting as a compass guiding Calgary businesses through the technological wilderness. With insights from experienced service providers in Calgary, companies can navigate the complexities of digital transformation, cybersecurity threats, and technology integration. This comprehensive approach ensures that IT strategies are not just reactive, but proactive, driving growth and innovation with precision and foresight.

Cybersecurity: Your First Line of Defense

In 2020, the world tipped on its axis – everyone went remote, and suddenly, the digital doors were left wide open, waiting for trouble to stroll in. Cybersecurity isn't just a fancy word tech folks throw around; it's the sturdy lock on your business's front door. It's what keeps the sneaky cybercriminals at bay when they come prowling. Let's face it, they're always looking for a gap, and it's up to us to ensure there isn't one. Wrapping your network in layers of cybersecurity measures isn't overdoing it; it's doing just enough to keep your Calgary business a step ahead of the game.

Disaster Recovery: Preparing for the Unexpected

Now, here's a kicker: Only a measly 3% of catastrophic data losses are from natural disasters. The other 97%? Human error, hardware failures, and a slew of other gremlins waiting to chew through your data. Disaster recovery isn't about preparing for a flood; it's about preparing for anything that can throw a wrench in the works. It's having a plan that picks your business up, dusts it off, and gets it running again, seamlessly. Don't let the calm days fool you; it's during these times we need to button up and plan for the worst.

IT Consulting: Navigating the Complexities of Technology

Staying on top of technology isn't a stroll in the park. It's more like a trek through the wild, with software lifecycle updates lurking behind every bend. These updates? They're not just patches; they're your shield against the abyss of cybersecurity threats. IT consulting is your compass in this techno-jungle. It helps chart a course that keeps your system secure, efficient, and competitive. When technology evolves at breakneck speed, having a guide that's seen a few things, understands the lay of the land, and knows how to navigate through, becomes invaluable.

Making Managed IT Services Work for You

Handing over the keys to your IT kingdom might seem daunting, but in reality, it's like giving the wheel to a seasoned driver while you kick back and handle the navigation. Managed IT services turn the tech worries dial down to zero, allowing businesses to flex their muscles where they shine. Specializing in the unique needs of Canadian data requirements, from virtualization to cloud migration and cybersecurity to data storage, managed IT is the bridge connecting your business to enhanced efficiency. It's not just about fixing problems as they come; it's about preventing them in the first place.

How Managed IT Aligns with Your Business Goals

Focusing on your core business is like playing to your strengths, but when IT troubles start nipping at your heels, that focus flickers. Managed IT is the steady hand that keeps the lights on, ensuring your technology is a silent partner in your success, not a squeaky wheel needing constant attention. Through strategy planning, cybersecurity credentials, application management, and more, outsourcing IT means your teams are primed for full productivity, minus the tech headaches. It's letting the pros handle the tech, so you can continue being the expert in your field.

Celebrating Our Status as a Microsoft Gold Partner

Reaching the pinnacle of Microsoft partnership isn't just about slapping a badge on our website; it's a nod to our commitment towards excellence. It speaks volumes to business leaders, signaling that we're not only equipped with the latest and greatest from Microsoft's arsenal but that we also wield these tools with finesse. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner is a testament to our dedication to providing top-tier IT solutions. It's a promise that we bring the crème de la crème of technology advancements directly to your doorstep, ensuring your business stays ahead.

A Proactive Approach: Moving Away from the Help-Desk Model

Waiting for IT issues to manifest before swinging into action is like patching a leak only after the room's flooded. It's reactive and, frankly, outdated. The new school of thought? A proactive model that doesn't just wait for problems but prevents them. It involves keeping an eye on both hardware and software, ensuring they're in tip-top condition, thus sidestepping disruptions before they even occur. It's a model that values foresight over hindsight, ensuring that your IT infrastructure doesn't just survive but thrives, driving your business forward rather than holding it back.

Concluding Thoughts: Elevate Your Calgary Business with Exceptional IT Support

In the grand tapestry of the digital landscape, choosing a Calgary-managed service provider to navigate the complex world of IT can be akin to finding a needle in a digital haystack. Yet, the benefits of managed services are as clear as the Albertan sky on a sunny day. They offer comprehensive cybersecurity, reliable cloud storage, inventive design solutions, and service excellence that aligns seamlessly with your strategic objectives and business goals. In an era where outsourced managed services are not just an option but a necessity, it's crucial to partner with a managed IT services provider in Calgary that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with you in every boom and bust this vibrant city sees. This partnership is not just for today but for the resilient, tech-empowered tomorrow your business is striving towards.

What our clients say about ThreeShield
Calgary IT Security Testimonial

" ThreeShield has employed a dynamic, risk-based approach to information security that is specific to our business needs but also provides comfort to our external stakeholders. I recommend their services. "

Calgary IT Security Reference

IT Architect, Financial Technology and Online Retail

" Collaborating with ThreeShield to ensure data security was an exciting and educational experience. As we exploded in growth, it was clear that we needed to rapidly mature on all fronts, and ThreeShield was integral to building our confidence with information, software, and infrastructure security. "

Calgary IT Security Review

IT Security Director, Linden Lab (Virtual Reality)

" ThreeShield helped us focus our efforts, enhancing our security posture and verifying PCI compliance.

All of this was achieved with minimal disruption to the engineering organization as a whole.

The approach was smart. In a short time, we accomplished what much larger companies still struggle to achieve. "

Calgary Information Security Review

Senior Director of Systems and Build Engineering

" ThreeShield very much values active and respectful collaboration, and went out of their way to get feedback on policies to make sure proposals balanced business needs while not making employees feel like they were dealing with unreasonable overhead. By doing so ThreeShield really helped change the culture around security mindfulness is positive ways. "

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